Website Grooming

I saw an amazing juggling performer at Cirque du Soleil last summer that blew my mind. “How does he do it? “ I gasped in disbelief! Yet, here I was saying the very same thing people often ask me. “ How do you do it Christie Grace”?  I realized I saw myself in that acrobats madcap act as I can swing in and out of haphazard balance in my life depending on which roles I am juggling.  They range from mother, wife, musician, designer and artist. To business owner, goldsmith, booking agent, housekeeper, cook, agent and a publicist, manager, band leader, recording artist, songwriter, business woman, student, shop keeper and… blog writer. In stride with every indie musician that I know, I juggle a myriad of roles directly and indirectly related to music making because it has become the basic requirement in our complex music scene. One of those central balls for a musician is our website. I began my first website with a hip graphics designer  from Nettwerk 12 years ago with the release of my first cd, Late Bloomer. It was so beautiful but was much more than I really needed not to mention the massive upkeep and costs. Similar to our family dog Danni Girl- I  soon discovered my website also needed its daily walk, play, swim, H20, brush, organic food and her cuddle. OK cuddling is pushing it but you catch my drift. For instance for the past year  in anticipation for my new site, I dropped the ball ignoring my current site and during  my neglect it developed mats and started to get fat.  But not any more! …thanks to the inspiring tips from Ariel Hyatt’sMusic Success in 9 Weeks: The WEBSITE, I’m back on it!

Our golden Danni Girl and Angel

Believe it or not, one of my greatest challenges is that unlike the scientifically minded, funny folks portrayed in the current CBS hit nerd fest The Big Bang Theory, I am NOT a computer person. I work very hard to keep my computer cool and I am embarrassed to admit I have actually lost my grip over computer “issues”. So after recovering from panic from reading this weeks chapter encouraging us to review, claim and create every aspect of our site, I decided to avert any potential crash and burns and settled on updating my current site while laying the foundation for another one .

Even though there are  now fabulous sites like Bandzoogle and WordPress, that offer low-cost , easy methods for a computer novice like myself, I also have become a practical acrobat and fully recognize my limits . Subsequently, I have begun to understand in each of my site’s evolution, the purpose and platform my website provides and that to do it properly, well, it takes me a lot of time . It is a bit like songwriting in that it is an ongoing, living process that will eventually lead me into the next song, and the next site. So I’ll tackle another web adventure for my new cd release in Feb 2013 along with my capable design team Crocker Web Design.

In the meantime check out my webdog’s new shiny coat with many new additions including my exciting announcement about crowd funding for my cd . There’s also a new video of excerpts from some of my new songs and of course,  this heart stopping blog now in its third week.  Should you feel so inclined, do pass on any suggestions my dear reader that you may have to make your time in my site, more appealing to you. I am all ears. So, after I absorb a few more computer lessons , it looks like I’ll be adding web designer to the juggling mix while attempting to keep mats at bay. Happy trails.

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  1. Really cool post, highly informative and professionally written..Good Job

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